Snow Plow Services and Sales in Jackson and Egypt, NJ

J and C Campers LLC is your complete source for trailers and snow plows in the Cream Ridge, New Jersey, area. We also carry RV parts and accessories, and provide service on a variety of trailers and utility vehicles. Contact us today for sales and service.
Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders:
We sell new and used snow plows and salt spreaders. Choose from new Snowdogg™ snow plows as well as various makes and models of used snow plows in different sizes to fit your truck. You can also shop our inventory of new salt spreaders for melting ice. Choose from models that will hook to the back of your truck as well as heavy-duty commercial models.
A snow plow used for snow plow services in Egypt, NJ
Snow plow truck clearing parking lot — Snow Plows in Cream Bridge, NJ
J and C Campers LLC is the place to shop for open, dump, and utility trailers. The open trailers are ideal for landscapers or for moving your stuff. The trailers range from 1000-15000 lbs or more, depending on the type you purchase and the ability of your vehicle to tow.
Trailers are great for transporting and landscapers. Our dump trailers are good for farmers, masons, and for construction use.
RV Parts & Accessories
Choose from a wide variety of RV parts and accessories including awnings, air conditioners, patio lights, and various gadgets for those who enjoy traveling and camping in their RVs.
We also provide service, maintenance, and repairs for RVs and trailers including:
  • Water Heaters
  • Leaks
  • Air Conditioning
  • Body Work
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Electrical
  • Hitches
Contact us today in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, for camper sales and service. We also offer utility trailers and snow plows. (609) 758-8362